A Step-by-Step Procedure on Installing a Garage Door for Green Valley Residents

Green Valley is a place in Arizona where history and culture are richly intertwined. That’s why Green Arizona’s architecture is ornate and baroque, mostly attributed to its (Henderson Garage Doors) being the oldest European settlement in the United States. Hence, its inhabitants also take great stock in the aesthetic design of their homes, and much can also be said on their garage doors. After all, the garage door is always at the foreground when one looks at the exterior of a home.

If you’re a resident of Green Valley and want a nice and functional garage door, it is expedient that you know what it takes to accomplish the installation.

Here are the steps that will help you in the installation of your garage door.

1. First, you need to construct a sturdy jamb that can support the track. As for dimensions, the 2×6′ are generally recommended. Once the jamb is set, drive (Las Vegas Garage Doors) the nails through at an angle in order to hold the door in place. Affix the hinges at the upper edge of the door.

2. Lay the sections on padded sawhorses and assemble the vertical, horizontal and curved tracks together. Use an air impact wrench if you have one since it makes the job much easier.

3. Attach the brackets and rollers on the door section and the wall adjacent to it. Then place the vertical track onto the rollers of the first section. Follow the same steps on the other side.

4. Lift the second section and secure them (Las Vegas Garage Door Repair) alongside the nails. Carefully fasten the sections together by fitting each on top of the other. For easier attachment, use a power drill with a screwdriver tip. Once the sections are in place, attach the rollers in the roller supports.

5. Put the third section on top of the second section by employing the same procedures. Make sure that the door is aligned and that the vertical track is plumbed correctly. Engage the upper parts of the vertical tracks to the wall.

6. Fasten the jamb brackets to the framing members of the tracks. As always, ensure that the lag screws are securely engaged. Don’t tighten it too much since you will have to make adjustments later on.

7. Put into position the horizontal and (Henderson Garage Door Repair) curved tracks as shown in the manual. To make it easier, position the horizontal track on top of a ladder. Bolt the pieces together afterward.

8. Align the horizontal track, and then cut the excess from the rear track hanger according to the length required for supporting the track.

9. Bolt the track hanger to the ceiling joist and mount the track to the hanger. Do the same for the other horizontal track. Position the last door in place, and once everything has been fitted, remove the temporary nails.

10. Install the torque tube according to the (Las Vegas Garage Door Openers) manufacturer’s directions. Roll up the door and double-check the alignment. Tighten all fasteners once everything fits perfectly.

As you can see, doing a garage door installation in your Green Valley home is not as difficult as it seems. Once you’re done, take the time to behold what you’ve accomplished and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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