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Keeping your windows in good condition will help you prevent spending too much money on window replacement. In Austin, window replacement companies (Texas Replacement Windows) offer different products and services. To save on costs, you may decide to replace your windows yourself. Replacing windows is not a hard task if you have the right tools and complete materials. Here are some steps you can follow to replace your windows.

What tools to you need?
Prepare the following: (Austin Window Replacement) measuring tape, a small pry bar, screwdriver, utility knife, putty knife, wood chisel, miter saw, wood shims, square, caulking gun and tubes, drill and drill bits, and new windows

Before deciding to replace your windows, it’s very important to check your windows first to find out the damages. Some damages can easily be repaired without having to replace the entire window. This will help you avoid unnecessary costs (Austin Replacement Windows).

There are 3 important things that you have to check. Look for condensation, passing light and noise. Close and open your window to see if it can be moves easily. If you see a light passing through then your seals may be broken. If you are concerned about the noise your window makes, there are noise- reducing products (Austin Siding) available in the market that you can get.

Think of a frame (Texas Replacement Windows) that you would like to use for your new windows. Some of the frames that you can choose from are vinyl, wood and fiberglass/ composite. Vinyl frames are the cheapest frames in the market while fiberglass or composite frames are the most expensive.

Measure the inside jamb of your window from right to left. Get the height by measuring from the inside of the sill to the inside of the top jamb. Because warping occurs through time, it’s a good idea (Texas Vinyl Siding) to also take the mid-portion measurements of your window.

Use a pry bar and utility knife to remove the stops. The sash cords should be clipped. Do not remove the outside stops.


1. Make sure to clean the jamb and fill the holes with filler or putty.
2. Check if your replacement window fits properly. Position the new window into the opening. The window sashes should be in the middle. Look for the mounting holes and place the bumper stops at the center.
3. Caulk the following areas: both sides of the window, the inside jamb, and sill. Once you’re done caulking, install the sill angle. Put and caulk the header on the top of your window. Screw.
4. Install your replacement window. Use shims to make sure that the corners are square. You might need to adjust the header after screwing the new window to prevent having spaces between the window and the frame.
5. Adjust your sashes if they don’t slide properly. Position the inside stops.

Replacing a window (Texas Vinyl Replacement Windows) is easy if you have the right knowledge and skill. If you are not confident enough to replace your windows, you can contact any Austin window replacement company near you. They’d be glad to get the job done for you.

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