Bat Control for your Orlando Home

Scattered throughout the city of Orlando (Orlando Pest Control) are swamps and wetlands that most bats favor. These creatures, for those of you who don’t know it yet, are beneficial to us humans as one bat can eat up to 3,000 insects in one night.

There have been many myths and scary stories that arose from the creature’s freaky appearance. Most have been disproved but it is true, however that as beneficial as they are, just like any animal, they are threats to our health and properties.

But these creatures are not totally uncontrollable. Bat control (Orlando FL Pest Control) is the easy solution to this problem.

Bat control (Orlando Exterminator) is, in the simplest way, the removal of bat roosts in domestic places and relocating them to their natural habitats far from the city limits. This is usually done when bats build roosts in houses or buildings.

Unlike mice and other pests, bats do not weaken foundations by digging burrows or gnawing holes on the wall. Small as most species are, they can invade homes through any viable hole they can creep into.

Aside from invasion, bats pose at least three major problems both to human and their properties.

• DISEASES. Bats, like most animals, carry rabies. Though it seldom happens because of the remote natural habitat of these creatures, the chances of this happening increase when there is a roost built by one or a few bats.

Aside from its bite, bat dung also carries health risks for people who might accidentally inhale or ingest it. The feces of this creature carry the spores for Histoplasmosis, a disease that affects the respiratory system of humans primarily those with immunity disorders.

• BAT MITES. More often than not mistaken as bed bugs, bat mites cause nuisances way worse than those of bed bugs.

Since they are mistaken as the other pest (Orlando Pest Control), the treatment to rid a property of these mites is usually ineffective. It doesn’t help that these mites love dark and narrow retreats where it is hardest to find them and remove.

These bat mites trigger and worsen allergies and cause extensive itching to tenants of houses where these pests stay.

• PROPERTY DAMAGE. Though bats do not chew on wood or weaken foundations through digging burrows, accumulation of their dung and urine result to waste drippings from the ceilings and dripping stains on the walls.

In the event that these bats become numerous, the excessive urine and watery feces soak the boards and wet the wirings posing dangerous risks to the people living under that roof.

Though not directly, these occurrences contribute to the properties devaluation and destruction in case the residents want to clean the place up.

These are the things that will tip you that there is a bat roost somewhere in your house and that bat control (Orlando FL Pest Control) is of utmost importance.

It is alright to remove bats by yourself but it is way better to let the professionals deal with such problems. Bat control companies (Orlando Bee Removal) in Orlando are just a call anyway so no need to stress yourself out doing it by yourself.

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