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Being the fourth largest city of North America, Houston is used to big things and residential buildings are no exception. Therefore, roofing companies (El Paso Roofing Contractors) have big projects on their hands most of the time and they have their hands full when it comes to repair and construction.

Every homeowner, no matter how large or small their properties are, will want a roof that is not only durable but also inexpensive. The variety of roofing materials (El Paso TX Roofing) is such that there is one that will suit the style of a building or the personality of the owner.

However, the same variety can make the process of choosing which one to use can be a difficult task for builders and homeowners alike.

That is where roofing companies (Baytown TX Roofing) come in. Their expertise and experience are their tools which they can share with their clients. In this article is a sampling of the helpful facts they dispense each time a client comes to them for consultation.

The type of roofing is dependent on many factors. Some of them are the type of house to be built, the location, climate and of course, the budget.

* Asphalt shingles are less expensive alternatives to slate or clay tiles and are therefore very popular. They come in two types, organic and non-organic. Non-organic asphalt shingles are made of fiberglass. Both types come in a variety of colors and are seen on roofs all over the country (Pasadena TX Roofing) except in cold and windy places as they are prone to damage caused by ice and wind.

* Clay tile roofs are the most versatile as they can withstand mold, insect resistant and will not decay. They even outlive the buildings they are built upon and even survive fires. In fact, they are usually the only materials left when fire guts a building. However, remember that clay tiles are heavy and are expensive to install and when they are in place, never walk on it. Set aside an average of $300 a square for installation alone. In roofing parlance, a square is a 10’ x 10’ area of roof.

* Slate is a roofing material (Houston Roofing Companies) that is durable and also almost imperishable. It is not unusual to see a slate roof surviving for more than a century. It is as indestructible as clay tiles and is as heavy. The similarities do not end there as slate is also very expensive to install. In fact, skilled masons charge a lot more to install them as compared to clay but their durability outweighs the additional cost.

* Wooden Shingles are usually made of Red Cedar which is is resistant to decay and rot. This type of roofing material is not expensive to install and is understandably very popular for budget-conscious builders and homeowners.

* Metal Roofs (Houston Roof Replacement) used to be made of copper, lead or zinc and though they are very durable, the cost is quite prohibitive. Galvalume or galvanized steel have replaced the earlier materials and are commonly used in hurricane prone areas. Inexpensive and lasting, metal roofs are very easy to install and take the least amount of time and are therefore favored by many.

Whatever material you decide on, be sure to have your roof installed by professionals and have a warranty in case of damage. Roofing Companies in Houston (Houston Flat Roof) is your logical choice for excellent building no matter what style or budget you opt to have for your home.

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