Carpet Cleaning in Ypsilanti

You dream to be like Jasmine together with your Aladdin, flying over the clouds with your genie, your cute animal friends and your magic— uh oh! Your magic carpet is blemished! You scream, “This is a nightmare!”

You shake the genie saying, “I need another wish! I need another wish!” But he just shrugs his shoulders. Now you scream more, “I need to have carpet cleaning!”

Nightmares to Daydreams

Well, don’t go nuts yet. Your magical piece of fabric is going to be saved in the next few minutes, as you follow these steps accurately. Remember, there are tons of products you can use out there to keep your carpet’s magic alive (Carpet Cleaning in Ypsilanti). In fact, you can have lots of ways to not use any chemicals at all! So you have many options (Ann Arbor Carpet Cleaning), and here they are:


Mix one part of the vinegar and a part of water together. Use this solution to dissolve the stain on your carpet. The best way of applying this is by putting it on a spray bottle (Manchester Carpet Cleaning) so you can just spray it on the blotched part. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, get a sponge to rub the stain away and rinse it with warm water. Since the fibers were messed, you can simply brush (Ann Arbor Carpet Cleaning) it to put it back in order. Dry it with paper towels.


To a half of cup of water, mix a teaspoon of ammonia. Place the solution on a spray bottle so you can directly spray it on the surface (Manchester Carpet Cleaning). You also have the option to apply it directly on the stained area. Remember: Don’t get all the parts of the carpet wet, so it is necessary to dry the cleansed part with paper towels once you have done the job (Ann Arbor Carpet Cleaning).


Hand soap or soap dish? You decide. Make a concoction from a quart of water and a quarter of a teaspoon of this chosen detergent. Check your detergent first (Ypsilanti Carpet Cleaning) if it contains lanolin or bleach before applying it to the stained area. Like the other two, you can put it on a spray bottle. Just remember not to leave any solution on the carpet, so you must always use the paper towels to ensure it dryness (Dexter Carpet Cleaning).

Bath time!

It’s cheap. That’s how we describe shampooing carpets. So call your magic carpet for a bath.

There’s this cleaning agent called “oxy clean.” Mix it with water and apply it to the surface (Manchester Carpet Cleaning) where your carpet needs it and then just scrub brush the area. You can also use a broom for an option. Let it dry then use the vacuum to remove the stain grains. You can also put it on a spray bottle (Ypsilanti Carpet Cleaning), just like what we had above.

A Whole New World

So, have you learned how to save your magic carpet? Well, if all else fails and your carpet still needs the necessary sanitation or you simply can’t get the job done (Jackson Carpet Cleaning) because you’re too scared to clean your own carpet, perhaps it’s time for you to live like Princess Jasmine. Get some friends and ask them about the best services (Manchester Upholstery Cleaning) they know about carpet cleaning in Ypsilanti, Who knows? Like rubbing a lamp, surprises may come, as sudden as a genie bursting out from it.

Don’t dare close your eyes; rather, look out there for the best option (Ypsilanti Carpet Cleaning).

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