Chiropractic Care in Falls Church: Take On A New Experience

Falls Church in the State of Virginia traces its origins to an eighteenth-century Anglican Parish. Today, Falls Church has progressed into an independent city steeped in history and old traditions yet open to and embracing alternative practices, one of which is chiropractic medicine.

What is chiropractic? Chiropractic (Falls Church Chiropractor) is an alternative health profession catering to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders especially related to the spine. Chiropractic involve hands-on manipulation of body joints (Arlington Wellness Center). Through manual detection, chiropractors use carefully applied pressure, massage and manual manipulation of of the vertebrae and joints.

Theorizing that manual manipulation of the spine could cure disease (Fairfax Chiropractic Center), Daniel David Palmer, a magnetic healer, founded Chiropractic in the 1890s. He then formed the Palmer School of Chiropractic but it was his son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer, who rapidly expanded the the popularity of the practice (Alexandria Chiropractic).

Early practitioners of chiropractic medicine (Fairfax Wellness Center) didn’t use instruments like x-rays but instrument use increasingly became more popular amd gradual acceptance of medical technology prevailed as by 1930s, chiropractic became the largest alternative healing profession (McLean, VA Chiropractor) in the United States. It has also become the third largest area of medicine, next only to dentistry.

However, since chiropractic was considered unscientific and the feud between chiropractic and medical doctors went on for decades, serious research on the chiropractic theories were only started in the 1970s. And even then, it had been continuously hampered by opposition and controversy with organized medicine. But recent years have seen chiropractic medicine gaining legitimacy and greater acceptance even by medical physicians (McLean, VA Chiropractor).

Despite increased popularity and general acceptance of chiropractic care (Fairfax Chiropractic Center), many prospective patients remain skeptical and may have a few worries. Before you decide to go to a chiropractor, it wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit more about this alternative care (Fairfax Chiropractic Center). Below are five of the most common concerns with regards to chiropractic:

Is Chiropractic care safe?

Yes. Chriropractic uses the natural and conservative approach to health care. It is non-invasive and doesn’t use addictive drugs. Given these, it is safe to say that the malpractice rate of chiropractors is considerably lesser compared to other health professionals.

Is it safe for anyone who’s had back surgery?

Yes. Those who have undergone spinal surgery sometimes discover that their original symptoms recur months or years later. Chiropractic prevents the need for repeated back surgeries and if it had been utilized as primary option, any surgery may have been avoided in the first place.

Do chiropractors only treat the spine or can they treat other parts of the body as well?

This depends on the specialization of a chiropractor. Some chiropractors are well-versed in athletic injuries. Some have treated shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, wrists and hands.

Do I have to consult my medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor?

No. Chiropractors are independent health care practitioners as are medical doctors.

Trying anything new may be a bit overwhelming at first, especially if that new thing is directly related to your health. As with other medical disciplines, chiropractic is benefial as long as it is handled well. Finding a good chiropractor in Falls Church isn’t hard. If you get good referrals from trusted friends and keep your guts to try new things, you might discover that a chiroprator may be the best for you.

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