Cleaning Common Stains for Carpets in Matthews

Located between Monroe and Charlotte, the town of Matthews has rolling woodlands ideal for residents who desire quiet surroundings that is within reach of the city. Like anywhere else though, there is not much time for mundane tasks such as carpet cleaning (Charlotte Carpet Cleaning).

However, when time permits, homeowners still get down to the chore of cleaning their floor coverings (Charlotte Water Damage). Although this task can be daunting for the inexperienced, there are some things you can do with what you might think are impossible to remove stains and dirt that may be brought about by common household stuff.

Here are some things you can do on your own for common carpet troubles.

* Wine and alcoholic drinks are fairly common sources of stains and they can be easily removed by diluting the spoiled area with cold water as quickly as possible. Dab off the excess liquid then mix one teaspoon each of white vinegar and mild detergent to one quart of warm water. Lightly rub the solution on the affected area, let it dry and then vacuum gently (Matthews Water Damage).

* Chewing gum may be the most difficult to remove but it can be done. You just have to harden the gum by applying an ice cube on it and then pry it off the carpet by gently pulling. Although tufts may also come off, just be careful so that not much more damage is done (Indian Trail Carpet Cleaning).

* Candle wax can also be treated with the same procedure as chewing gum.

* Vinegar may sometimes be colorless but once they get on your rug, discoloration will surely occur as with most acids. Add baking soda to water and apply on the spot. Next, pat a solution of ten parts water and one part ammonia, rinse with water then allow it dry after which you may gently vacuum the area (Weddington Carpet Cleaning).

* When blood gets into the carpet , act quickly by absorbing most of the blood if possible with a damp cloth (Charlotte Water Damage). Do not rub it as you might be spreading it around. Apply a mixture of one quart warm water and one teaspoon each of colorless vinegar and mild detergent and allow to dry. When the carpet is dry enough, vacuum the affected area.

* With chocolate, scrape it off immediately and apply the same solution used to get blood stains off the carpet (Fort Hill Carpet Cleaning).

* Butter stains like the others can be unsightly so you must scrape most of the butter that is loose. Daub any fluid used for dry cleaning on it, let dry and vacuum. Do it again if the stain remains.

* For catsup, a solution of a couple of cups of tap water and one cup vinegar may be applied with a sponge and gently repeat until the spot is gone.

* Children can be careless and crayons can damage your matting but all you have to do is scrape it and then place a clean cloth such as a towel over the stain. Press the blotter with warm iron to melt the crayon. Let the cloth or blotter absorb the melted stuff and move it often so it does not get too saturated. Use a clean cloth to daub dry cleaning fluid, let it dry and then gently vacuum.

For stubborn stains, the job should be left for professionals to take care of. In Matthews, entrust it to the carpet cleaning experts and get your floor covering back to an almost brand new state.

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