Corona Tree Trimming Safety Precautions

Roley & Associates (Call us! – 951-279-6096) Certified in Arboriculture, tree care and health is our specialty and our top priority. Pollution (we definitely have pollution here in Southern California), insects, disease, and urban sprawl are all enemies to your trees health. Also watch our Moreno Valley Tree Trimming video!

Trees offer a lot of benefits. They can greatly improve any landscape aesthetically, provide comfort by giving shade and cool breeze, and generate oxygen for a healthier air to breathe. Having lots of trees in your residential compound in Corona will surely improve the well-being of your household members, and even that of your visitors. However, to maintain the health and aesthetic structure of the trees, they need regular trimming. In Corona, tree trimming companies are widely available. And if you know how to trim, you can even do it yourself. But, you should first be aware of the different safety precautions involved in tree trimming. Some of these are the following:

• Never trim trees on bad weather. Postpone trimming when it’s windy, icy, or if there’s an impending rain to avoid danger.
• Inspect your surroundings and remove any potential hazard before trimming. If there’s a nearby power line, see to it that the trimmed branches will not fall on the electrical wires. Also, remove any nearby material that might be destroyed by falling tree trunk or branches.
• Wear protective garments such as goggles, gloves, sleeves, and helmets to avoid being hurt by falling limbs, flying splinters, and other debris. Also, wear hearing protection and slip-resistant safety footwear. See to it that your clothing does not hang loose because it might get hang up on tree limbs and branches.
• When climbing the tree, never bring cutting tool with you. Instead, ask somebody to raise it up to you. Never step on dead split and cracked branches and move only one foot or hand at a time. Before climbing, assess the limbs and branches to determine their strength.
• Always have an assistant nearby to assist you in case you fall. And, ask him to monitor you as you climb up and while you cut.
• For small to medium-sized trees, it’s safer to use pole tree pruners instead of cutting branches off while standing on a ladder where you will have to balance yourself while Corona Tree trimming. Pole pruners are simply long handles with a saw blade attached to them. Using one is practical in cutting damaged branches or maintaining the structure of a tree.
• For tall trees, using a ladder will be inevitable if you’re not hiring professional tree trimmers with aerial lift facilities. When using a ladder, secure it or tie it on a stable branch. Use fall protection harnesses which are hooked to strong tree branches. But, see to it that you ensure that they’re in good working condition, including their latches.
• If you will be using a chain saw, be sure that you know how to use it properly because it can cause kickback, which can seriously injure you or even kill you.
• For large branches that you can’t handle, hire the services of professional trimmers. Since large branches are heavy, it would be difficult to control their direction when they fall after cutting, which can damage other properties. In Corona, tree trimming services are offered at a reasonable cost. Tree trimming companies offer competent services and give utmost importance to safety.

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