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What does the city of La Quinta share with the other cities in Riverside County, (Pool Repair Palm Springs) California? The answer is a hot climate in which temperatures remain rather high for the most part of the year and even in the winter months. While golf may be the leading sports played in this city, (Pool Service La Quinta) swimming definitely tops the list of all forms of recreation preferred here. This is the reason why many homes and commercially managed properties have swimming pools in them, (Pool Service Palm Springs) making pool service a much sought-after service in La Quinta.

Most pool owners have become familiar with the signs that tell them it’s time to call for pool service. For some, however (especially for new owners), these are still obscure. One thing new pool owners have to realize is that a swimming pool, being an open-water system, (Pool and Spa Rancho Mirage) is constantly affected both by the environment and those using it.

For example, the natural occurrences – sunshine, wind, and rain – have definite effects on the clarity and purity of the pool water. These forces bring such environmental pollution as dust, spores, pollen, leaves and chemical wastes into the pool water. Pool users, (Pool Service Palm Desert) for their part, bring in suntan oils, sweat, urine and all bacteria and viruses that go with them.

So when should a pool owner need to call for pool service? The following conditions related to the pool should serve as prompts:

1. Cloudy water – There are several explanations as to why pool water gets cloudy. Foremost among these is that the pool water’s acidity/alkalinity (or pH) level is too high. Another explanation is that the chlorine level is too low. In other cases, (Pool Service Cathedral City) the water’s total mineral content, stabilizer, total amount of dissolved material, or metal levels may be too high.

Services required:

* Backwashing of the filter;

* Testing of pool water to check on current levels of pool chemicals (must be performed on a weekly basis);

* Adjusting or correcting pool chemical levels as needed based on results of the tests.

2. Strong smell of chlorine – This condition, surprisingly, is brought about by the lack of chlorine in the pool water. The strong chlorine smell actually emanates from nitrogen-containing substances called chloramines, (Pool and Spa Palm Desert) as they react with certain pollutants that have been introduced into the pool water.

Services required:

* Measuring of the level of the combined chlorine compounds that cause the irritating smell;

* Shock-treating of the pool water by chlorine or other sanitizer to dissipate the unwanted chlorine compounds, thereby totally disinfecting the water.

3. Irritation of the eyes, nose, and skin – Complaints such as these from those who use your pool should be enough reason for you to immediately call for pool service. (Pool Care La Quinta) The condition is brought about by any one or all of these three factors: 1) very high level of the total mineral content of the water; 2) the pH level is either too high or too low; and 3) the amount of alkaline substances in the water is too low.

Services required:

* Testing of pool water and correcting/adjusting the chemical levels as needed;

* Installing of a mineral pool sanitizer, (Pool and Spa Cathedral City) as may be suggested by the pool service contractor.

4. Staining of the pool floor and walls – Some of the causes of this pool condition are the exact opposites of those that cause cloudy water – that is, the level of pH, total alkaline substance, (Pool Care Palm Springs) or total mineral content is too low.

Services required:

* Testing of pool water to check pool chemical levels;

* Balancing of the pool water chemistry.

Maintenance of your pool in perfect condition, (Pool and Spa Palm Springs) in which the water is always clean and clear, is a service you must regularly have. Other pool service provisions pool owners in La Quinta can have include repairs of pool features, complete renovation of pools, plumbing and electrical works, and, for those wanting to have one, (Pool Care Palm Desert) construction of pools.

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