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Executive Heating & Air (405) 759-4579 AC repairs in any place can be expensive and practical residents of Edmond OK know that there are professionals in the area who can help them with regard to the rehabilitation of their cooling machines.

Originally named “Summit” because ( HVAC Oklahoma City ) of its location at the highest point of the Santa Fe railway, Edmond has a lot of recreational amenities and parks such as ( AC Installation Oklahoma City ) Brookhaven and Centennial Park where the locals ( HVAC Oklahoma City ) go to unwind without spending a lot of dollars.

With everybody looking to save a few dollars here ( Air Conditioning Repair Edmond ) and there, people have to be educated on how to maintain their units and determine whether a professional is really needed for repairs. There are some problems that homeowners themselves can ( Heating Repair Oklahoma City ) do with a few directions from the manual and some extensive damage that need to be done by trained service men.

Here is a checklist that will help you in regard to some ( HVAC Oklahoma City ) parts that you yourself can diagnose.

* Thermostat. When the unit does not produce cold air, the problem may be as simple as a thermostat that is not properly set to the desired temperature. It could also be in the off position. A cursory glance is enough to discover this.

* Filter. A dirty filter prevents cold ( AC Installation Bethany ) air from going into the room simply by blocking it. The solution is even simpler. Take the filter out of the unit and wash it with a mixture of water and any mild detergent used for household cleaning. After the filter has been cleaned, be sure to ( Air Conditioning Repair Oklahoma City ) dry it thoroughly before sliding it back into the air conditioning unit.

* Blower. A blower may be working ( Air Conditioning Repair Oklahoma City ) but if it is dirty, it will not work as efficiently as a clean one.

* Coils. Seeing ice on coils does not mean that the unit should be blowing cold air inside the room. The opposite is true as ice formation may be an indication of dirt. The ice formation reduces cool air or even stops it from coming out of the unit.

* Compressor. An old compressor or one that is overworked can not sufficiently compress the refrigerant gas to a maximum level of pressure. This problem can best be addressed by an expert unless you have the training and the skills to do it yourself.

Sometimes the problem could stem from the unit itself. Installing one that has too much capacity in comparison to the room is wrong. A unit that has too much power in a small room will cause improper dehumidification. An explanation for this problem is much too technical for amateurs so suffice it to say that a unit with one horse power or even lower is better for a small room than one with a bigger capacity.

Whatever the problem is, be sure to ask the service man about the cause of the malfunction. Knowing what caused the damage will mean that the problem could be avoided in the future depending on the situation. If the cause of the damage is improper handling of the unit, then this can be remedied by educating everyone in the household with regard to the proper use of the machine.

So if you need to have your AC repaired, you have a lot of options here in Edmond OK with numerous qualified service men ready to make life easier and cooler for you at a cost that is not prohibitive.

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