Floors: Tips for Care

Floors (Avon Flooring) are easily the most used and abused parts of our homes. They are being walked on, dirtied, and scratched day in and day out – not just by humans but even by animals as well! So how do we take care of this oft-used and often overlooked parts of our home? Your reliable Lakewood flooring (Lakewood Flooring) company tells us how:

Caring (Westlake Flooring) for resilient floors:

For the resilient type of floors like vinyl or linoleum, regular sweeping or vacuuming will keep it dirt-free and once a week mop cleaning or scrubbing is sufficient enough.

To do a proper mopping of resilient floors, make a cleaning solution composed of 2 tbsp of household ammonia and a half gallon of warm water. Dip the mop into the bucket of cleaning solution and wash the entire floor. When done, rinse the floor (Cleveland Laminate Flooring) with warm water.

Frequent scrubbing is not recommended as it tends to leave unneccessary scratches on the floor (Avon Hardwood Floors). Resilient floors are strong but they may develop get stained, develop bumps or curled edges and will show signs of wear especially when traffic is constant or when furnitures are dragged about carelessly.

Designs and patterns may fade if this type of floor (Lakewood Tile) is exposed directly to the sun. This kind of floor works best in areas not directly hit by sunlight. Stains or spilled liquids or solid food should be wiped clean at once to avoid permanently staining the floor.

Caring for stone floors:

Natural stone floors succumb most to sand and dirt. Stone floors (Westlake Tile) should be cleaned regularly with a dry dust mop or a broom. Cleaning stone floors with damp mops will leave it more beautiful. Mild soap and warm water solution are good for general cleaning.

After cleaning, always rinse and dry the floor and use only cleaners that are especially made for stone floors. These avoid scratches on the stone and dulling of the floors (Cleveland Laminate Flooring). Algae or moss can be flushed first with clear water and scrubbed with a pad and using a mild bleach solution.

Caring for wood floors:

As with other floor types (Lakewood Hardwood Floors), regular cleaning will help maintain the quality of wood floors. Water or any moisture on wood floors should not be left unattended for a long period as it will stain the wood. Damp mopping should be immediately followed by drying. Wood floors look best after a layer of wax.

In addition, all floor types (Cleveland Vinyl Flooring) will last longer if heavy objects are not being dragged across it. It is best to put protective rubber or matting at the base or legs of heavy furniture. This is protection for both your floor and your furniture.

Taking care of your floors (Avon Tile) is taking care of your investment. Clean and well-maintained floors are essential for everyday safety and convenience. On the other hand, floors that are properly cared for can be a source of pride for its visual appeal.

If your floors (Westlake Tile) need cleaning or if you need installation of new flooring, trust only reliable flooring professionals in Lakewood. Get gorgeous floors (Lakewood Tile) suitable for the kind of person you are and the kind of family you have!

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