Hardwood Flooring Characteristics Just Like Houston

Hardwood floors are preferred in Houston, not only because of the cowboy culture, but also for its ecologically sound rewards that is parallel to the city’s drive to eradicate pollution. This flooring alternative (Bellaire Laminate Flooring) offers durability, elegance, and a natural outdoorsy feel to the home.

Wood floors come in different species such as ash, bamboo, beech, birch, cherry, cypress, fir, hickory-pecan, maple, mesquite, oak, pine, walnut and many others.

Each variety has its own aesthetic effect (Houston Hardwood Flooring) caused by its grade, fiber, cut, and hue. There are four wood grades namely: clear, select, and common. Clear grade possesses color uniformity and very few insignificant flaws. Heartwood is often used for this kind of grade. Select has visible color and knot variation because of the combination of heartwood and sapwood. Common has two variations, common 1 and common 2. Common 1 has prominent variation of color and character; it can be both light and dark with knots and wormholes. Common 2 is more rustic in appearance and emphasizes all the wood specie character. It (Houston Hardwood Floor) is well suited for homes and general utility.

There are three kinds of cut for wood flooring: plainsawn, quartersawn and riftsawn. Plainsawn is the most common cut of wood, wherein a log is sawn regardless of grain and has a variety of grain patterns. Despite this, plaincut is not ideal because of its inconsistent grain composition and each wood layer contributes to its overall qualities. Quartersawn (Hardwood Floors Houston) is more stable than plainsawn because all grain patterns are present in the cut. The log is quartered and parallel cuts are made at a right angle to the tree ring. Riftsawn is similar to quartersawn but it is cut on a different angle at 35° or 65°. Both quartersawn and riftsawn wood are expensive because the cut yields low number of pieces and a lot of scraps. However, these two are most favored over plainsawn for construction, buildings, and furniture.

Since timber is a natural product, the customer can be sure that chemical use is kept at a very minimum level, usually for wood treatment only. Wood is energy-efficient (Houston Carpet Cleaning Service) because it can maintain a cool temperature during a very hot day and provide warmth on a cold day.

Hardwood (Houston Professional Carpet Cleaning) can be easily cleaned by sweeping and vacuuming when necessary. Unlike other synthetic flooring materials, bacteria and insects do not settle in well-treated solid wood. When the floor is coated with high-quality polish, the wood will retain its shine and resist moisture from penetrating the surface. However, it is always best to exercise caution when spills do happen to wood floors; immediately wipe the liquid with a clean dry cloth.

Because of its great qualities (Houston Vinyl Flooring), hardwood does not come cheap. Lumber is very durable, and becomes more valuable and beautiful as it ages. Homes with wood flooring have a higher resale value than those that have synthetic furnishing. Hardwood flooring fits in well with Houston’s big city, small town atmosphere. They both possess a homely, comfortable characteristic that progress along with modern technology.

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