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Being a professional home organizer is a very good home-based business. If you have a natural talent for arranging things and are naturally inclined to neatness, then this job would be easy for you. Here are some things you have to know to be a successful professional home organizer.

A professional organizer (Houston Organizer) arranges your things in the most efficient way so that you are able to maximize your home and office space. As a professional organizer, you can earn between $35 and 200 per hour. Your projects can be as simple as arranging a shoe cabinet or as complex as building shelves for a company.

Why Being A Professional Organizer is Attractive

The start up cost for this business is very low. You can even start your business without having to spend on anything. At first you can offer your services to your friends and neighbors. Once you’ve acquired enough sample projects, then you will be able to expand your business easily. By showcasing the past projects you’ve done, people will know about your credibility and effectiveness as a professional organizer (Houston Orgranizers).

Unlike other businesses where you need to attend seminars and trainings, professional organizing (Houston Professional Organizers) doesn’t require any training at all. You just need to have a good sense of neatness, organizing and time management to get you through all your projects. Although you don’t need a license to become a professional home organizer, you need to become a member of the national association for professional organizers. This organization will provide you with all the assistance you need to improve your skills.

What You Need to Do To Start Your Home-based Business

The first thing you have to do is to create a business plan that you can present to you local professional organizers association. In your business plan (Houston Organized) , it’s also a good idea to include your specialty or category that you want your business to be in. Some of the categories and specialties of professional organizers are the following:

• Office-commercial
• Home office
• Financial or book keeping
• Legal offices
• Lifestyle changes
• Space planning
• Garages, kitchens, attics and other rooms
• Ergonomics
• Feng shui
• Events meeting
• Estate organizing

Once you are already accredited by NAPO, you can now start compiling your portfolio. To give you a quick start, offer your services (Houston Organizing) to your close friends and family.

To get your business (Houston Organization Training) out in the market, you can invest on advertising and create your own website. The internet is a very powerful marketing tool. Take advantage of it.

Creating good relationships with every person you meet is also important. Your networks and past clients will help you have more projects as your business progresses. Make sure to always have satisfying relationships with your past clients. Have them evaluate you so that you will know the areas that you have to improve on.

Being a professional organizer (Houston Professional Organizer) is a good way of earning extra income. Be a professional home organizer in Houston and work your way up to success today.

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