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At Discount Metal Building Systems, we specialize in standard or custom all metal buildings and barns that are designed to meet the customers needs and budget. Our projects have included horse barns, stables, riding arenas, mare motels, hay & equipment sheds, commodities feed covers, implement buildings, aircraft hangers, workshops, metal-framed out houses, hunting cabins and ranch-hand bunkers. D.M.B.S. specializes in turnkey jobs. No job is too small or big. Call us today at (21) 683-7982 for a free quote!

Before getting a horse or two, it is (Texas Horse Barn) important to ensure first the place where you will keep your new animals. If you have a barn, then little changes may be enough, especially if you live in a horse-friendly area. But if you are starting from scratch, then you have lots of work (Dallas Metal Buildings) to do. A horse, regardless of breed can be very expensive and that’s only half of the cost. A horse barn is also an investment you have to consider with equal importance. So, if you have a definite budget and would still want to keep your horse safe and sound, (Austin Storage Shed) consider the following important factors:

Set your budget straight
Just like any project that involves (Texas Metal Buildings) construction and purchasing materials, budget should be defined right from the start. Building a horse barn can be expensive, but with the help of online research, right (Dallas Horse Barns) design and proper choice of materials, you should be able to have a good idea how much should you spend for your barn.

The design
The design of your barn is one factor (Austin Horse Stables) that determines the cost of your project. Designs vary widely but limit your option within the ones that can fit your horse comfortably and safely. (Houston Metal Barns) Plan your barn. Consider several horse stalls if you are planning to acquire more horses in the future or limit the space of your interior should you decide to keep the current number of horses to minimize the cost. In other words, the (Texas Steel Buildings) design of your barn should depend on the number of horses you have at present, the number of horses you plan to acquire in the future, and the comfort of each horse inside the barn.

Right materials
Wood is always the primary (Texas horse Barns) choice for a barn material, but take note that wood may not last longer than you would have expected. Poor wood selection may even cost more in the future. Unprotected wood may be prone (Dallas Metal Building) to chewing. Untreated wood may rot faster than usual. Choose the right roofing and flooring materials. Shingles may last for several years; concrete floor requires regular cleaning. Consider the maintenance cost such as waterproofing, regular cleaning, repainting, and upkeep. Always think of initial, immediate, and (Houston Metal Barns) long-term expenses when choosing materials.

Labor cost may be minimized by designing simple and easy to construct horse barn. Also, buy materials from one supplier so that you can ask for discounts and special rates.

Comfort vs. Design
Be it in Dallas or in any other cities, the problem with some novice horse owners when it comes to building horse barns is that they tend to give heavy importance on the overall look, especially the exterior, and not the comfort of the horse inside. The result is that barns look good on the outside but lack the necessary features that horses need. Compromising comfort over design should never happen. Yes, it is nice to see aesthetically pleasing horse barn, but don’t forget that your horse is more important.

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