Interior Painting: Tips for San Diego DIYers

Spring is finally over! For San Diego homeowners, one thing is very clear – it’s home improvement month once again! But home improvement projects like interior painting (Chula Vista Painter) don’t always come cheap. So those who want to achieve a nicer place to live in but just can’t afford to waste big bucks can consider DIY interior painting. San Diego folks like you should bear in mind some tips and insider techniques that will help you do a good paint job (Carlsbad Painter). With proper planning and preparation, you’ll be on your way to creating a better space to live your lives and adding significant value to your property.

Before you start with your interior painting project, consider first these important factors:

• Amount of paint you need

To calculate the amount of paint you need for a certain room, get the total width of all the walls in your room and multiply it by ceiling height. The product shows (San Marcos Painter) the square footage that will be covered. A gallon of paint coats an average of 350 square feet surface. To find out the number of gallons you need, divide the total square feet by 350. You can subtract 20 square feet for every door and 14 square feet for every window. This will help you come up with a more accurate amount of paint. To cover repairs and touch-ups, you can add an extra 10 percent of paint to the total amount.

• Kind of paint to use

The paint that’s most popular and easiest to utilize is water-based latex (Encinitas Painter). While oil-based paints give a more durable surface, they need a solvent to appear clean and thin. For the ceilings and walls of the rooms in your house, flat latex is great while for the doors and trims, semi-gloss latex or oil-based are more advised. For your baths, kitchens, and other high-moisture areas of your house (San Diego CA Painter) that need regular cleaning, apply only oil-based paint.

When repainting, latex applied over oil-based paint will sure not hold so sanding is required. It is advisable to use first a latex primer.

• Quality and price

Premium paints (San Diego Interior Painting) last longer and cover a surface better but they aren’t the cheapest alternative. In buying paint, you always get what you pay for; the higher the price, the better the ingredients are. Costly paints usually come durable and they have longer life span. Cheaper alternatives offer poor coverage and are less durable because they contain clay and fillers. To test the paint’s quality (San Diego Exterior Painting), rub a small amount of paint between your fingertips. Premium paints feel smooth and silky while substandard paints feel gritty.

• Choosing and matching paint colors

Remember that 82 percent of the light received by pure white paint is reflected. As colors get darker, the amount of light reflected is reduced.

Before your purchase (Carlsbad House Painter), test first the color on the site. Get sample swatches and tape them together to form large samples and leave them on your wall. Purchase test quarts and paint squares at your eye level. View the colors day and night and in different lighting conditions.

These are the some things DIY homeowners (Ramona House Painter) need to consider before painting or repainting their house. If you think you’re busy enough to do the project yourself, then better think about hiring a San Diego interior paintingcontractor (Santee House Painter). Since there are lots of contractors in such city, it is wise to pick the one with professional and experienced staff. The contractor should also be a member of Business Bureau of San Diego and Painting and Decorators Contractors of America.

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