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Decatur (Decatur, IL Landscaping) is a classic Midwest city with historic buildings and homes facing Lake Decatur. Although the place is urbanized, it has retained an old world charm and its residents have shared in the responsibility of preserved that allure through the maintenance and care of their homes and surrounding lawns.

Although Decatur (Decatur Lawn Care) residents respect their past and historic legacy, modern thoughts and practices have arrived in this small city. As the concern for the environment has gone universal, methods to care for homes and lawns (Decatur, IL Lawn Care) have also evolved into “greener” systems.

The concept may be abstract and even daunting to some but there are very simple steps that homeowners can do to go green. These ideas are inexpensive (Decatur Lawn Service) and time saving so those who have little time and money to spare will be glad to know that there are, indeed, small but effective things that they can accomplish to save on maintenance dollars, time and that precious resource, water. (Decatur Snow Plowing)

Gardeners do not have to mow their lawns to resemble golf courses. Letting your grass grow to about 3 or 4 inches will give you more time to do other things. This way, the grass becomes healthier and verdant while unwanted weeds will have a more difficult time to grow as lesser sunlight passes through. There will be less water evaporation, too so frequency of watering will in turn be lessened. (Decatur, IL Landscaping)

However, if your lawn (Decatur Lawn Care) has been overrun by weeds, mow twice as often until the problem is solved. To avoid weed infestation, remove them immediately when you discover them. It will be easier to do this when weeds have not rooted deeply. Taking them out later will cause damage to the lawn as the weeds will take soil along with them as they are uprooted.(Decatur, IL Lawn Care)

Water the lawn only when necessary. This will save you time, money and water. Knowing when to water is important. You will know that grass needs watering when it has lost its spring. When footsteps become visible once you step on the grass, then it is time to give them something to drink. (Decatur Lawn Service)

(Decatur Snow Plowing)Do not allow the grass to turn brown because by then, your chore will become more labor and time intensive. A visual sign that it is a crucial time for watering is when the blades start to curl. After that, they will go brown.

When grasses go dormant, as they do naturally, never make the mistake of fertilizing to revive them. This will be to no avail and even worse, the weeds will certainly benefit (Decatur, IL Lawn Care) from the nutrients and nobody wants that to happen.

Refrain from using chemical fertilizers. They may provide nutrients today but when they are used frequently, they will surely damage the soil as the salt in these fertilizers will render the soil unfit for future planting (Decatur Lawn Service). Organic fertilizers are best and can be produced right in the backyard. Instructional manuals and videos will show you how easy it is.

Instead of throwing away mown grass, fallen leaves, twigs and other natural materials, convert them into compost for future use as fertilizer. You will lessen the volume of garbage while saving some money (Decatur Snow Plowing) by eliminating the need for the purchase of fertilizers.

These are but a few of the green things one can do to maintain a beautiful (Decatur, IL Landscaping) lawn but those who have no time to spare can call on some professionals to do the job with satisfactory results. In Decatur (Decatur Lawn Care), experts on lawn care are just a phone call away.

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