Looking for a Plumber in Palm Springs?

The night is quiet, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse… and then suddenly you hear it: the unmistakable drippity-drip-drip sounds coming from your leaking kitchen pipes (cue in music from Psycho).

Most everyone has experienced it and no matter where you are, at one time or another, you’ve most probably had to face plumbing problems that make you want to pull your hair in exasperation and can certainly drain you of your patience (no pun intended).

In Palm Springs, where the climate is hot and dry, one cannot afford to waste precious water to leaks or not getting any water at all. Whether you’re a hotshot lawyer, a struggling yuppie or a housewife and you don’t know how to use your pipe wrench, plumbing woes can be frustrating, and so you’re in dire need of a Plumber in Palm Springs (Cathedral City Plumbing).

Even with the best of care and maintenance, plumbing problems can sneak up on you, the unsuspecting homeowner or businessman. If not fixed at once, it may set you back some hundreds of dollars on extensive repairs (Cathedral City Plumbing). And we don’t want that now, do we?

Here’s when to know if you have a potential monster eating away at your pipes and drains and how to solve them.


Problems like leaks on exposed pipes are easiest to detect. Water will most likely find its way out through connections, fittings and bends along pipes, although years-old plumbing (Rancho Mirage Plumber) will most probably have vulnerable spots anywhere.

Check for moisture or actual water sightings where there shouldn’t be. Rotting wood and damp walls are clear indications of possible leaks. If needed repairs are minor, tightening of accessible valves and replacement of rusted pipes usually does the job (Cathedral City Plumbing).


Clogging can be prevented by keeping careful watch of what you put in your drains. There are things you can dispose off through the drains and for those that are not, that’s what garbage bins are for (Rancho Mirage Plumber). Years of use can also clog drains as most water contains different kinds of minerals that may be deposited along the inside of your water pipes.

If there is a noticeable disruption in the flow of water, then the drains are most likely clogged. This may be solved by pouring a muriatic acid dilution down the problem drain and letting it stand overnight. You may also try using any wire rod to push through the pipes back and forth to loosen the deposits causing the clog until you can flush it out with water easily.


Some of these cases are not always caused by pipe problems but by improper or scraped sealing between the walls and the sink or tub. To resolve this, you may scrape off the old sealant (like cement or plaster), dry the area and refill it with new sealant.

These are only some of the more common problem areas where plumbing (Cathedral City Plumbing) is concerned and these are the easier ones. What about the inaccessible underground pipes and drains? What if you need remodeling or re-piping? What about an entire plumbing system (Cathedral City Plumbing) with an extensive gamut of problems? Or even a husband who won’t help?

If you are not a DIYer and you have nada a clue of what to do, you don’t have to get down and dirty (Palm Desert Plumbers). Think twice before your start removing your floor boards or wrecking your house looking for that pesky leak. If all else fails, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort if you pick up that phone and call in the professionals (Palm Desert Plumbers).

You can take that date with your husband instead and let your trusted plumber take your worries off your hands. Search for the best plumber in Palms Springs and you won’t be hearing that drippity-drip-drip in no time.

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