Metal Roofing for Environmentally Friendly Fresno Homes

Part of the Fresno-Clovis metropolitan (Clovis Roofing Contractor) area which has a population of more than a million residents, Fresno is a thriving city with residents clamoring for environmentally friendly materials such as flooring, lighting and roofing for their homes.

Of the many eco-chic materials available, we shall focus on metal roofing (Fresno Roofing) which has been around for many decades. Although it still retains the stigma of being utilitarian as it has always been used almost exclusively for garages and barns in the past, new developments are slowly elevating the status of the lowly metal roof.

Today, metal roofing (Fresno CA Roofing) comes in different styles and colors that are suitable for any kind of house. The benefits of having metal roofing are numerous and this article will enumerate as many as it can contain.

* Metal roofs last an average of 50 years or at least two times longer compared to an asphalt roof. In the humid and warm weather of Fresno (Madera Roofing), metal roofs do not suffer mildew or moss stains that usually form on other types of roofing.

* When properly installed by professionals (Visalia CA Roofing), it will not rust or leak and powerful wind gusts are no match to metal roofs.

* The durability of metal roofing is such that it gives more protection than other roofing types. They do not discolor and they can also be recycled which is favorable for environmentally responsible citizens.

* Environmental awareness has made most homeowners and builders (Clovis CA Roofing) appreciate metal roofs even more as it reduces or eliminates chemical substances needed in its manufacture.

* Being vulnerable to mold and insects, it also eliminates the need for the application of hazardous chemicals and insecticides which are harmful to the environment and humans.

* With the development and application of new paints that reflect most of the sun’s rays, metal roofs help save electric bills by reducing the need for cooling. Depending on the location, this reduction can go as much as 40 percent. Compared to cedar shingles or asphalt roofing which absorb heat, metal roofs (Fresno Roofing Company) that have the new pigment technology can reflect the sun’s radiant energy up to a maximum of 85 percent. They stay cooler in the heat, therefore, less heat is absorbed into the building.

* If the metal roof is installed on top of an old roof, this will also create an air pocket that will serve as another layer of insulation. This will translate to more savings on electric bills.

* As metal roofs will not split, curl or crack, there is not much need for repair or maintenance. The few things you should do will include an inspection once a year, the removal of debris such as leaves and checking other things such as chimneys, air conditioners and other equipment to ensure that they are drained and supported properly.

* From its humble beginnings, metal roofs now come in varied colors, styles and finishes that they no longer bear similarities with their unattractive ancestors. Even homeowners with high-end homes in posh subdivisions now install metal roofs that do not pale in comparison with the more expensive materials favored by the rich.

Metal roofing has more benefits and advantages, too many for this article to handle but there are experts (Madera CA Roofing) who can answer your queries regarding this durable material .

In Fresno, professionals (Visalia Roofing Company) will tell you more about metal roofing and how it will make your home a beautiful and environmentally friendly place for you and your family.

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