Network Cabling In Houston – What Are The Available Options?

Companies or individual contractors (Sugarland Electronics Installation) that offer network cabling must provide their clients the most efficient service as possible. So if you’re running a network cabling business in Houston, make sure that your data and networking systems are maintained and updated particularly if there are new technologies (Stafford Surround Sound Installation
) in such field.

How to Avoid Network Cabling Services Failures
There are many businesses (Houston TV Mounting) in Houston and other cities who forget to keep up their data and telephone networking systems. If you continue ignoring even a small failure in your business, it can result in inconvenience and delays in your service. Worst, it could mean terrible loss of data. In such business, this is a foolish mistake because it can be avoided, if you want to.

One way to prevent network catastrophe from ruining your business is to maintain your facilities and your efficient service (Houston Low Voltage Cable Installer). So if possible, evaluate the condition of your business and services. You can also consider the idea of letting a third party evaluate your businesses and allowing that individual or team to square your systems with your business goals.

You can maintain the efficiency (Richmond Cabling) of your services by closely working with your clients and having open and constant communication with them. You should always prioritize client relations.

Network Cabling Options
(Houston Data Cabling) Since you are also your customer’s consultant, they sure will ask you the various network cabling options available in Houston. These options include:

• Conventional Wired Ethernet (Category 5)
Until today, Category 5 data cabling (Houston Network Cabling) is the standard both for small and enterprise business LANs. Just recently, there are improvements made available for Category 5 cabling. More and more people are now becoming interested in wireless Ethernet solutions.

To satisfy your clients, be able to meet their requirements. Provide them with a hard copy of reports of Category 5 certification tests because this will be your assurance that you’ve done your job “to spec”. This will make your company and services more reliable (Houston Cabling).

• Network Card and Ethernet Hub
Since you will string together a conventional wired Ethernet network that’s based on Category 5 network cabling, ask your client to buy a 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch or hub, plus a 10/100Mbps network card for every computer.

These products are less costly and they are ideal for making cost-effective (Houston Flat Screen TV installation) and high performance networks for small businesses.

• Wireless Ethernet that’s based on 802.11b (11Mbps)
The 802.11b wireless also delivers up to 11Mbps Ethernet service. While this wireless networking hardware is more costly than wired Ethernet component, your customers (Houston TV Installation) can save on the cost of installation of Cat 5 data network cabling. This is cost-effective because you no longer need to make holes in the walls of your customer’s office (Richmond Cabling).

The downside of wireless Ethernet, however, is that there will be times when you’ll find it hard to connect 802.11b products from various vendors. So if possible, purchase only from one vendor. Since security standards are constantly evolving, make sure you are aware of the security limitations.

As a consulting firm in Houston (Houston TV Installation), you should offer Category 5 plus other types of network cabling services. You should also cater in design specifications as well as network cabling supervision.

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