Orange Park Do It Yourself Automatic Garage Door Installation Guide

Orange Park is a town and suburb of the Jacksonville in the Florida. Its name was derived from its founders who expressed their hope that the town would thrive (Jacksonville Garage Door) in the fruit-bearing industry.

That desire, however, did not become a reality when the crops were destroyed by the Great Freeze in 1894-1895. The city was able to recover through other means of living, but the crops never came back.

Today, Orange Park is a picture of an appealing town that sits at the heart of a bustling Jacksonville city. Several businesses (Jacksonville Garage Doors) are also open to provide various services to the residents; among them are garage door services.

If you’re planning to replace your old, manual garage door with an automatic one but you’re quite tight on budget, you can actually do the installation yourself. Installing an automatic garage door (Daytona Garage Doors) is more complicated than gearing up a manual one. Aside from the fact that automatic doors are heavier, they also make use of cables and wirings that you have to configure later on (Jacksonville Garage Door Repair).

One important reminder though: read the installation manual (Daytona Garage Door) carefully. You must also have at least another person with you to help you do the task.

First, here are steps in installing a new garage door:

1. Build a solid opening to support the track.

2. Spread all door parts out on the garage floor, then assemble the sections with the bottom section first.

3. Temporarily fasten the bottom section in place into the opening.

4. Fasten the remaining sections, each fitting down on top of the other. Remember to fasten them together according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Assemble and fasten the vertical tracks, followed by the horizontal tracks. It is important that the tracks are equilateral with the door and each other.

6. Assemble and install the springs to hold the tracks and the door in place. Do this in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now that the garage door is installed, it’s now time to configure the opener so that it would function automatically. Here are the steps:

7. Assemble the rails of the opener, again according to manufacturer’s instructions.

8. Once assembled, attach the track to the drive unit. The drive unit contains the motor that automatically opens the garage door.

9. Fasten the rest of the sections of the track together.

10. Attach the motor according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The motor should be attached to a beam in the ceiling since it is heavy.

11. Connect the wires from the motor to the wall switch.

12. Install the photo sensor. This is responsible for detecting whether something is getting in the way of a closing garage door.

13. Lastly, connect the garage door to the garage opener.

These are just the basic steps in installing an automatic garage door. There may be some additional procedures (Jacksonville Garage Door Installation) depending on what the manufacturer has stated on the manual.

Again, extra precaution (Ponte Vedra Garage Doors) is necessary because installation always poses a risk to injury. If you’re not confident enough to do these procedures, then you should seek help from a professional (Orange Park Garage Door Repair).

There are several garage door installation services in Orange Park which could provide you the much needed assistance.

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