Reasons For Using Laminate Flooring In Bellaire

Bellaire is known as the ‘City of Homes’ for its largely residential environment. A big percentage of its demographics consist of married couples with children. It is not a surprise that homes built in this area are designed with laminate flooring to be family friendly with growing and active children in mind.

Laminate flooring (Houston Hardwood Flooring) is a synthetic material that replicates real floor components such as wood, tile, and marble. The surface pattern, made of aluminium oxide, mimics the appearance and feel of natural flooring. The core is an impenetrable layer made of high density fiberboard or wood particles. Backing is the bottom layer that holds up the entire plank, composed of recycled paper, melamine, or plastic.

Here’s why laminate flooring (Dick n’ Sons Floor Covering Center) is an ideal choice for areas in the home that have high traffic such as the kitchen, foyer, and living room.

Unlike its genuine counterparts (Houston Hardwood Flooring), laminate flooring is not delicate. In homes with small children and pets, the last thing the homemaker needs is delicate flooring that cannot stand the stress caused by running and spills. It is durable that most flooring choices. Low maintenance flooring (Dick N’ Sons Floor Covering Center) is an essential part of a busy household.

Laminates (Houston Carpet Cleaning) are coated with melamine resin that produces and protects the pattern and glossy finish. There is no need to use detergent or scouring pads as these harsh elements can destroy the layer of protective film. Regular sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming will maintain its appearance.

It is resistant to stain and moisture. Water cannot seep through the floor because of the resin outer layer. Also, the joined edges are airtight leaving no space for tiny particles to pass through. However, major spills should be wiped immediately; large amounts of water can penetrate in between the boards and may damage its layers. Stains are easily cleaned with a cloth and little soapy water and the surface will retain its gloss after clean up.

It (Houston Vinyl Flooring) helps maintain a healthier home since it does not attract and accumulate dust, pests, pollen and other matter that contribute to asthma and allergies. Even after repeated cleaning,natural elements like wood are favored habitat by bacteria, while plastics do not provide beneficial settlement for these organisms.

Installation (Houston Carpet Cleaning) is very easy and can be done by a do-it-yourself person. The plank edges have grooves and tabs that snap together. Other types require the end of the panels to be tapped with a mallet to seal. Glue is an out-dated method and barely used these days. Laminates can be installed over any clean, smooth, and dry subfloor, except for carpets. Rugs have the tendency to retain moisture and bacteria and will cause problems in the under layer.

Before installation, the planks must be left for at least 48 hours to acclimate to the new environment. The boards will adjust to the new temperature, it will shift and bunch when installed without allowing for it to settle.

In comparison to its other flooring counterparts, laminate is reasonably priced for its performance. Hardwood and stone flooring are expensive options that require delicate care, and while vinyl is a cheap alternative, it is not as durable and good-looking as laminate.

As they say, a busy office is a productive office; the same can be said about a busy household being a productive and homey place. Laminate flooring can help achieve a safe and beautiful Bellaire abode.

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