Repairing Damaged Shingle Roofing in Clovis

Located 6.5 miles northeast of Fresno (Clovis Roofing Company), Clovis is known as the “Gateway to the Sierras” and homes in the area reflect the natural beauty of this city which lies between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Consequently, roofing requirements also have to meet the high aesthetic standards of the area.

Although its primary function is to protect a building and its occupants from the effects of the elements, roofs do not have to be plain because they are an integral part of the structures exterior. Therefore, care must be given in choosing the right kind of roofing (Fresno Roofing) and must reflect the style of the building itself.

As roofs get the most beating from the elements such as rain, sun and wind, damage is a problem that has to be dealt with from time to time. The key to easy maintenance is to act immediately as soon as damage is discovered. It is also important for homeowners to check the structure regularly as problems may not be apparent from the ground.

The most common problem is roof leakage. Cracks or missing shakes or shingles are the usual causes of leaks and locating the exact damaged spot is sometimes the most difficult thing.

Before venturing into the task of repairing the roof yourself, be sure that you know what you are doing. Since roofs are among the most dangerous parts of a house to be in, you must be prepared with safety measures to prevent accidents and injury.

As this article can not encompass all types of roofing (Fresno CA Roofing), it is best to focus on one kind, shingle roofs.

First, you will need tools such as a scraper, hammer, pry bar, utility knife, galvanized roofing nails, asphalt roof cement and replacement shingles.

When you have located the leak point, it is easy to look for curled, missing or damaged shingle pieces. Breaks or cracks usually happen where two pieces meet such as in chimneys or vents. These are common places where breaks or gaps occur.

If you are not able to locate the damage, it is time to refer the problem to a professional (Madera Roofing) as the source could be inadequate flashing.

However, when you have located the leak source, the task can be simple. Shingles that are curled back may be reattached with a compound using a caulking gun or you may also use an asphalt roof cement.

Curled shingles (Visalia CA Roofing) can be easily flattened out in warm weather but during cold weather, the task can be tricky as shingles become brittle. They need to be softened first with a propane torch. Using a nozzle that spreads the flame, carefully apply heat on the curled shingle edges. Be careful as it might catch fire.

As it warms, the shingle will be soft enough to straighten up.

Reattach the straightened piece by applying a generous amount of roof cement (Clovis CA Roofing) to the bottom and make sure that each corner has enough. Firmly press the piece into place.

Missing or overly-damaged shingles have to be replaced immediately.

Replacing shingle roofing can be a simple task but if you encounter more complex problems, it is time to leave the project to the professionals. Here in Clovis CA (Fresno Roofing Company), roofing experts will be ready to deal with any problem in your roof.

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