The Best Type of Door For Garages in Phoenix

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Since automobiles are among the investments every Joe (Garage Door Mesa) can’t live without, you can rarely find an American home that doesn’t have a garage. So if a homeowner wants to improve the curb appeal of his home, the garage is one of the areas that are usually paid attention to. Garages in Phoenix, in particular, (Garage Doors Phoenix) are outfitted with a well-designed garage door that complements the home’s overall looks or design theme.

But what type and size of garage door fits your garage? (Garages Phoenix) And what design best matches the style of your house? Among the types you can choose from are Canopy Side, Retractable, and Hinged Sectional Retractable. (Garage Door Repair Phoenix) If you have very limited driveway space, you can go for sectional garage doors because this type opens and closes vertically so you park your car very close to the door without keeping it open.

Overhead Garage Door

Gone are the days when houses are outfitted with manual doors. (Garage Door Glendale) The ones considered in and hip these days especially for the garage are motorized and remote controlled doors which make the garage more useful.

The most popular type you can find in many Phoenix garages is the overhead garage door. (Garage Door Scottsdale) It usually comes with automatic stop and begin features and homeowners usually it easy to use. Such type of garage door is offered along with plethora of outstanding options and safety features.

Overhead garage doors employ a rolling system (Garage Door Repair Glendale) which rolls the door up and store it in the garage roof. Aside from being compact, these doors are also quiet and smooth.

Garage Doors Types Based on the Materials Used

o Wood garage door (Garage Door Repair Mesa)
Some Phoenicians love wood type garage doors because they are durable, affordable, and good-looking. You can choose the kind of wood to use in the said door to make it complement with other furniture or details in your garage. The downside of wood garage doors is, they need refinishing and repainting after a couple of years. (Garage Door Repair Scottsdale) They can warp or crack, expand and contract, as they age.

o Steel garage door
The benefit of steel over wood garage door is that it doesn’t crack, warp, (Garages Scottsdale) or fall apart due to weather. It doesn’t call for any repainting or refinishing task on your part, making it easy to maintain. Steel garage doors available nowadays in Phoenix are crafted from hot-dipped galvanized steel that’s vinyl clad and polyester-finished.

Another benefit you’ll (Garage Doors Scottsdale) get from such doors is, they can be stained to achieve the looks of the wood without requiring the maintenance wood doors need. However, once this type of door has been dented, you’ll find it very difficult to repair.

o Fiberglass garage door
Fiberglass garage doors, otherwise known as GRP, are a good choice especially if they will be installed on places where light is necessary. This is also a low-maintenance (Garage Door Installation Phoenix) type of garage door because it only requires mild cleaning in the exterior to maintain its quality finish. The most common type of fiberglass garage door is retractable. It is made up of durable materials which maintain the door’s good looks even for several years.

Phoenix garages look great because they are outfitted with durable yet appealing glass doors. No matter what type of door is used, what’s important is it helps improve the curb appeal of the garage and the resale value of your home.

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