Treats At San Francisco Gay Hotels

San Francisco is a great destination for gay tourists because of its largely liberal reputation. This is the seat of the first gay rights movement, which eventually became a “gay mecca” in the United States.

Despite its gay community popularity, straight couples are still welcome to enjoy a tour of this place. Gay hotels (San Francisco Hotel) are abundant and are often located within the vicinity of the most happening spots in the city. Pretty much like the regular hotels everywhere else in the world, gay hotels are filled to the brim with grand facilities and services. What sets these apart from straight hotels is its cheery theme (Castro Street Hotels). There are Japanese, Spanish and European themed hotels that feature the chosen continent’s culture and tradition on bedding, food, and architecture.

Regular facilities (Castro Inn) include a full-time concierge to address the guests’ concerns and anticipate their arrival with a wine reception at the entry hall. There is a valet service to ease their mind off the business of finding a parking space. Room and same day laundry service to ensure the dirty deal is attended to while guests’ enjoy their holiday.

Gay hotels (Castro Apartments) provide valuable information about the gay community and their upcoming events. Conducted daily is a walking tour where the guests can start their entertainment (Castro Hotels) admiring the city’s sunny sights and chilly climate and have the opportunity to end the day socializing in nearby bars and clubs. There is always something happening in the gay community and the guests will find their itinerary always booked at any time of the year, all they need to do is simply inquire at the concierge for the week’s events and parties.

A peaceful day can also be spent inside the hotel grounds (Castro Street Hotels). Rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment equipment featuring a huge flat screen TV with a vast array of channels and music system with an enhanced speaker system. A fitness and wellness center is always open with friendly attendants and a gym instructor. Lap pools are also available but nothing beats the San Francisco beach.

For guests who check in hoping to be able to attend to some business while on a holiday, they would be pleased to find that these hotels also cater to business people. High-speed internet access is available all over the hotel so they can stay connected while lunching in the restaurants or relaxing by the pool. Each room is also equipped (San Francisco Gay Friendly Hotels) with a safe to encase valuable belongings. For those who need further assistance, some of the bigger hotels also lend personal assistants ease the guests’ business requirements.

Gay hotels and regular straight hotels have not much of a difference in terms of services and amenities. Both also support a non-smoking environment and a green community. The difference is that gay hotels welcome all kinds of sexual orientation and preferences, even straight ones, and deliver unbiased service for them all. And that they have the exclusive and reliable source for San Francisco’s gay community events and update that cannot be found anywhere else.

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