Types of Garage Door in Chula Vista

A garage door is one of the easily noticeable part of your home. Give your home a better look by choosing the garage door that does not only suit your needs but also blends well with the style of your house. There are many types of garage door in Chula Vista (Chula Vista Garage Door) that you can choose from. Here are some types that you might want to look into in your search for the perfect garage door for your house.

Types of Garage Doors

The 4 basic types of garage doors that you can use are roller, up and over, side-hung and sectional.

A lot of space is needed for an up and over garage door (La Jolla Garage Door Repair). This type moves upward and parallel to the ceiling of your garage. For this type of garage door to move freely, you need to have ample space at the top and on the bottom of your garage space. An up and over garage door is not advisable for short driveways as you will have to park your car a certain distance when opening the door. This kind of garage door works best if you have a big garage space and a long drive way. An up and over garage door (Chula Vista Garage Door) is also called a tilt-up door.

If you want to have a more traditional style, a swing-hung garage door (Vista Garage Door) is your best bet. This type is attached on one side to the opening of your garage and opens like an ordinary door. Like the up and over garage door, this kind also needs a large space so it is also not advisable for houses that have narrow drive ways.

A sectional garage door (Chula Vista Garage Door) is also a bit similar to an up and over garage door except that instead of swinging outwards, it opens upward towards the ceiling of you garage. It has large sections, in contrast with how an up and over garage door looks like. These sections are connected together with rollers on the sides. You may have to spend more for a sectional roll-up door than an up and over garage door but the extra cost the you will pay is worth it. Sectional garage doors (Del Mar Garage Door Installer) are easier to operate and they are also safer to have. Unlike an up and over garage door, you can easily operate a sectional garage door even if you park your car close to it. Security is also better with this type of garage door as sectional garage doors (Santee Garage Door Installer) cannot be forced open even on the sides.

The most popular type of garage door (Del Mar Garage Door Installer) is a roller garage door. This type is good for houses that have narrow drive ways and limited space. A great advantage of having a roller door is that there is no need for any space for a swing outdoor motion. Most roller doors are usually automated so you don’t have to leave your car when opening the door (Golden State Garage Doors Inc). With a push of a button on wireless remote, you can easily operate your garage door.

There are different types of garage door available in Chula Vista (Poway Garage Door). If you are planning to build a house in this area, don’t forget to look for the best garage door that fits your house and suits your taste.

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