What To Look For in A Home Inspection Service Contractor in San Jose, California

HomeTech Property Inspections 831-359-4333. We at HomeTech are dedicated to providing our clients a complete and comprehensive inspection that will give them a thorough knowledge of the home, so their buying decision can be made with confidence and peace of mind. We encourage our clients to join us for the inspection. We will go through the house with you, explain our findings in detail, answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Our goal is to provide unbiased professional advice. (Home Inspection Saratoga) You can be assured that our allegiance is, and will always be, with the client in serving your best interests. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and the key factor for our continuing success.

The services of a professional home inspector are a must when buying a house in the United States. This is so because the home buyer will be making perhaps the biggest, most significant decision of his life and he certainly would want to make sure his pending investment will be worth it all. (Home Inspector Campbell) Such services are available for those intending to buy a home anywhere in Santa Clara County, California. A complete and thorough home inspection service in San Jose, for instance, can be obtained by anyone planning to buy a house in this city.

The prospective home buyer should be aware of the important things to look for before engaging the services of a home inspector.  (Home Inspector Santa Cruz) This is necessary to ensure that he will be getting a professional, high-standard home inspection service.

Home inspection process standards:

A home inspection process, as may be applied in San Jose or anywhere in Santa Clara (Home Inspector Saratoga) County for that matter, must meet or even exceed the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics set by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). ASHI is a non-profit professional organization of home inspectors in North America founded in 1976. (Home Inspector Santa Clara) It seeks to safeguard the interests of all parties involved in a contract to purchase a house, including those of both the buyer and the seller, and even those of the home inspector.

A licensed home inspector:

A home inspector providing property inspection service in (Home Inspection San Jose) San Jose should have sufficient experience, proper training, and, above all, the necessary licenses or certifications. He should be able to provide a detailed inspection of the entire property and a satisfactory report thereof to make the prospective buyer fully aware of what he’ll be getting for his money. (Home Inspector San Jose) The most important licenses and certifications a home inspection service contractor in San Jose must possess in this regard are the following:

* ASHI Home Inspector certification;

* A Contractors State License Board (CSLB)-issued General Contractor license in the state of California;

* Building/Mechanical/Plumbing Inspector certifications from the International Code Council (ICC);

* Construction Inspector certification from the American Concrete Institute (ACI);

* Plumbing Inspector certification from the (Home Inspectors San Jose) International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO);

* Chimney/Fireplace Inspector certification from F.I.R.E.

Complete inspection services:

The capability of a home inspector to provide complete (Building Inspection Campbell) property inspection services must be guaranteed. The conditions of the different features, aspects or systems of subject property must be thoroughly checked and reported accurately. These include actual conditions of the property’s exterior and interior, such as its structure, roof, basement, electrical system, HVAC, plumbing, and even kitchen and other appliances that may go with the sale.

In general, the home inspector should be able to look (House Inspectors Saratoga) into the following and make the proper report to the prospective buyer:

* Any of the aspects, items, or features enumerated above that requires extensive repair;

* Any improper building practice that may have been noted during the course of the inspection;

* Any item that is a general maintenance issue;

* Other items that are of fire and/or safety concern.

Experience, qualifications and the ability of a home inspector to come up with a useful, (House Inspectors Santa Clara) detailed report are what those seeking a property inspection service in San Jose should look for. Their protection and peace of mind are, after all, on the line in such a transaction.

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