Why Are Solar Shades Hot In Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a progressive city that promotes self-sufficiency through numerous green advocacies. There is the Green Brooklyn movement, Brooklyn Green Team, and Sustainable Business NYC among others. Your participation in this eco-healthy drive can start in your own home, through decreased energy consumption. Simple redecorating choices can help you reduce costs, using solar shades.

This shade (Brooklyn Shades) can be a type of either a roller or a roman shade, and it is made of innovative synthetic mesh—fiberglass, vinyl, polyester yarns, textured wood and cloth—designed to filter light. The sheer material comes in different degrees of opaqueness or openness depending on your light needs. Three per cent openness blocks 100% UV rays of while 10% openness controls 90% solar radiation.

The choices are sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and opaque fabrics. Shades are characterized into the following functions (Jersey Window Treatments): dimming, skylight, privacy, interior light blocking, and interior/exterior transparency. These can be ordered along with a continuous cord, motorized switch, cassette, top-down, metal valance, side/bottom channels or cornice.

Compared to draperies and blinds, which rely on several factors (Brooklyn Vertical Blinds) to achieve either privacy, light or temperature control, you can achieve all three with shades. Solar screens are easy to clean, just suction with the vacuum cleaner dust tool or wipe with a damp cloth. These are also wonderfully durable because of its high resistance to bacteria, fungi and moisture.

Solar shades are economical (Manhattan Window Treatments) because it regulates the temperature in the room. During winter, it keeps the warm air in and blocks cold air out and during summer, it refracts warm air from coming in. It will help you save on your air conditioning and subsequently reduce your energy bills. It must be installed close to the wall and glass to seal the air space to insulate the room.

The translucent solar screens (Queens Window Treatments) allow natural light in the room while deflecting harmful UV rays. Even when indoors, UV rays can still cause skin cancer or at the very least, discoloration and bleaching of furniture and walls. By lowering the sheer shade, you can reduce glare on the TV screen and computer monitor.

This is ideal for windows that look out on a view but are also directly penetrated by the sun. You can still maintain privacy while enjoying the view because the shades block the view from outside. Blackout shades (Manhattan Motorized Shades) provide full light and privacy control because it totally prevents light from passing through. This is popularly used in bedrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums. When paired with a sheer screen, brightness and glare can be regulated by pulling down either of the shades.

Solar shades (Queens Window Treatments) come in different styles and color to fit your room theme; you can even add a decorative hem to perk it up. These are great for both large lengthy windows and small windows. Retailers and decorators such as Brooklyn Paint & Home Center, V2K of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Blindsgalore carry their own signature line as well as fashionable home décor brand Hunter Douglas and Comfortex Envision. Other resellers in Brooklyn you can check out are Budget Blinds, Stylish Windows, Your Home Store and EastCoast Interiors.

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